Welcome to Valorama, the media studio for visual communication through photography, video, web and social media. The studio is run by  Jakob Johannsen in cooperation with international partners. Johannsen is a German photography artist and communication designer, who came 2012 to Helsinki to follow his interest in Finnish photography.  Lasse Heisel, collaborating partner of Valorama, is film director and videographer from Germany who studied as well in Helsinki. From Finland originates the first part of the name Valorama, "Valo”, derives from the Finnish language and means light (Valokuva = Photography). The word part “orama” comes from Panorama which derives from the old greek "pan" = „all, whole“, and "horao"= „seeing".
Valorama's main studio is located at Cable Factory Helsinki. Commissions in Finland and Germany are implemented by Jakob Johannsen in collaboration with Lasse Heisel and international colleagues.

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